| Post date: 2017/05/22 | 

At IUMS we offer a range of taught and research postgraduate courses.


Master of Sciences (M.Sc.)

An M.Sc. postgraduate qualification at IUMS will provide students with the subject knowledge and expertise required to pursue the career that is right for them. Master courses last for two years: Three semesters for courses and one for dissertation. M.Sc. students are required to finalize their research proposal till the end of their third semester.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Our Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is primarily based around an in-depth study of a specific topic, which is guided by one or more staff members who are experts and active researchers in their fields, and experienced supervisors of research.  PhD program in this school takes two different routes:

1. Ph.D. by course (PBC)

This option normally lasts from 4-5 years full time and includes two main parts. At the first part the students are required to take a range of courses taking two years. By the time the forth semester ends the students must have already finalized their research proposal.  Successful completion of the courses along with an approved research proposal for thesis will qualify the candidates to take a ‘comprehensive exam’ at the end of the second year. Upon passing this exam, the students can practically start working on their PhD thesis which might take from two till three years at most.

2. Ph.D. by research (PBR)

The standard length of this route is 3 years full time (could last at most for 4 years). The candidates must take some courses at their first year and at the end of third semester finalize their research proposal. There is an upgrade session for the candidates early fourth semester of their PhD within which the student should defend their proposal. Successful upgrade allows the students to work on their thesis.