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Director of Accreditation and Ranking

 | Post date: 2017/05/22 | 

Accreditation and Ranking









Dr. Mohammad  Sadegh Ghasemi

Head of International Vice- Chancellor and Dean of  International Campus

Assistant Professor and Faculty member in Iran University of Medical Sciences

PhD in Bio-mechanical Rehabilitation from England

MSc in Biomedical Engineering from England

BSc of Engineering Technology from England


Phone : +98 (0) 2186702035



Medical faculties in order to improve the quality of education and health services always meet the highest international standards of quality assurance have been looking for.

We are accredited as one of the most important ways to ensure and improve the quality of medical education, proper training of medical students and residents at different levels of education and, ultimately, service to the community is good.

Given the importance of the national and international level in the field of medical science and the global rank needed to enter university accreditation process is felt. The first step to implement the process of collecting comprehensive documentation requirements in accordance with the terms of accreditation of all units of professionalism.

The second step is performed to assess their compliance with the accreditation organizations  proposed patterns or patterns of college . This phase of the accreditation process is vital and correct information would have a decisive role in the accreditation decision .

Finally, following the institution of elected assessors visited the university and guidelines for improving the notification of the accreditation decision process.


Types of Accreditation :

there are Three types of accreditation institutional and program and the hospital. Most accreditation is institutional, meaning an entire college is accredited.

This gives credibility to the college as a whole. This type of accreditation can be given by either a “regional accreditation agency” or a “national accreditation agency. Institutions can acquire regional, national, and/or programmatic accreditation.

Many choose to acquire both regional and programmatic accreditation in order to doubly assure students and the public of the quality of education they offer, while programmatic accreditation reviews specific programs within institutions.

There are also two branches of institutional accreditation – regional and national.


Goals Accreditation:

- assure government, community, educational institutions, executives , professionals, academics and learners about the quality of education provided.

- Improve the quality of education through the compilation of the indicators and guidelines for evaluation.

- Encourage the education centers for continuous improvement through assessment for continuing.

- Support the educational performance of college in the pressures that might put them under threat.


Accreditation tasks :

·        select and interact with a number of institutions and organizations that are accredited universities in the world commensurate with the scope of activities of Iran University of Medical Sciences.

·        Knowledge of evaluation criteria for the accreditation organizations of World Universities.

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