Director of International Collaborations

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International Collaboration

An institutional agreement is the requisite of constructing a dynamic environment for sharing information and knowledge. It articulates and clarifies the working terms agreed upon by both parties to undertake a number of activities on a cooperative manner.  A clear agreement that covers the crucial elements of cooperation is a great benefit both to the university and to the individuals who are responsible for implementing the terms of the agreement.

The Directorate of International Relations, Accreditation & Ranking is responsible for:

  • Developing and overseeing a variety of university-wide initiatives and policies relating to international research, education, and collaboration
  • Facilitating the establishment of cooperative relationships, exchange of professors and students, development of joint research projects and fostering opportunities for international delegations to visit Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS)



Templates of Agreement

This Directorate provides the following templates for you to choose from. Should you need an agreement no presented in our templates, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Memorandum of Understanding(General Academic)

This agreement is a general statement of intent to cooperate, and that the parties will sign further agreements regarding specific collaborations.

Research Agreement

IUMS and international institution will enhance and promote research and development in the fields of Health and Medical Education.

Faculty Exchange Agreement

IUMS and international institution faculty may collaborate on research or teaching. Faculty will be compensated by the home institution.


Student Exchange Agreement

IUMS and international institution students may study abroad. Students pay tuition to their home institutions.


Individual Agreement of Cooperation

Scientists from international institutions can initiate their collaboration with IUMS autonomously.


Collaboration Agreement for University-Led Projects

IUMS leads academic projects in favor of the company with which it signs the agreement.